About us

   For many years we work building our brand and quality, we invest in the modern solutions, tools, equipment and workers in order to be able to transport or tow vehicles at the highest level.

   We are disposable all day long and always arrive quickly on the locale. Huge amount of vehicles let us be on the alert easily. Thanks to our integrity we can shorten the time of waiting for help to the maximum.

   Our experience and up-to-date facility guarantee the best services and safety. We care about comfort and satisfaction of our customers which is shown and proven in our testimonials.


Why to choose us?

   We are a well prospering firm operating in Lublin and the whole Lublin Voivodeship with success which has really strong reputation.

Rising amount of customers makes us more competitive. We provide the highest quality therefore do not take a risk and patronise the trusty company named HAPPER Wojciech Miłkowski.

    Services provided by us can be divided into a couple of main sections — emergency road service and also salvage vehicle repairs. Our advantage is reliability and responsibility therefore you do not need to worry about the towed or transported vehicle.

   We still develop our offer and possibilities buying new machines in order to meet all customers' expectations. We possess the best tools and equipment to be disposable 24/7, to be fast, quick and effective. With our emergency road service you are always safe.


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Happer - international transport, construction and agricultural machinery, used car parts and repairs, emergency road service

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