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   HAPPER Wojciech Miłkowski attends to the private customers, shops, stores or garages and workshops. Our longstanding operation in selling used car parts is the crucial key to our professional services. We offer various car parts to almost every car and every model.


   We also sell the original car parts. And if you search for something unique, not typical and hard to reach, we will find it for you eventually with pleasure.


   We provide stationary selling but if you wish a given car part or machine to be sent to you, our package will be delivered as soon as possible, in 24 hours since your order. Of course everything depends on the delivery option chosen by you.


   Besides, we offer every kind of support and help in selection of car parts to your vehicle. Our experienced sellers (working for us since the beginning) are always able to give you appropriate hints, advice regarding producers and explanation what car part will be the best for you.



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Happer - international transport, construction and agricultural machinery, used car parts and repairs, emergency road service

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