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   International transport and transport in Poland are the main fields of our operation. Our clients are local firms from Lublin as well as the whole Lublin Voivodeship. We cooperate also with many European companies, including those Polish ones of course. Private customers are welcome too.

   In order to provide transportation at the world highest level, we possess many various vehicles. Their parameters let us transport even the heaviest loadings, including cars or agricultural and construction machinery. We do our work the best way we can quickly and safely.


  HAPPER Wojciech Miłkowski employs only licensed drivers with longstanding professional experience gained working in both international and Polish transportation. We provide our services mainly for clients from the European Union, i.e. the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium etc. It gives us an ideal opportunity to fulfil all our customers’ the most requiring expectations.



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Happer - international transport, construction and agricultural machinery, used car parts and repairs, emergency road service

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