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   Welcome to the official website of the Lublin-based company named HAPPER Wojciech Miłkowski. Here you can find many services offered to every single car owner and the others as well.



  We are a flexible and dynamically developing company. The main area of our operation is everything connected with cars, vehicles, automobiles, both construction and agricultural machinery.


    The advanced facility and well trained staff let us guarantee providing services at the highest level. We always improve our skills participating in courses and apprenticeships which helps us offer the latest and the most effective solutions.





   Our advantage is professionalism, integrity and also prompt implementations at the possibly lowest prices.



   We encourage you to study our wide offer of international transport, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, used car parts, repairs, emergency road service as well as car auctions in the UK, and to patronise our company consequently.


 Sincerely yours


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Happer - international transport, construction and agricultural machinery, used car parts and repairs, emergency road service

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