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   HAPPER Wojciech Miłkowski is present in the Lublin motor industry for many years. We possess the most advanced facility with convenient estate road. It includes our own shop, warehouse and parking lot for customers.   




company based in Ciecierzyn has gained the ultimate experience in selling cars and providing the motor services since the beginning. We regularly develop our possibilities and operating conditions finding state-of-the-art solutions. Our trained workers let us meet even the most difficult requirements. Every single order is implemented with carefulness and the high priority which always makes our customers satisfied.



   The main area of our operation first and foremost consists of:

International transport
Construction machinery as well as agricultural machinery
Used car parts and repairs
Emergency road service
Car auctions as well as construction and agricultural auctions in the UK


    Much more details regarding the above sections will be provided clicking the proper link on the left-sided menu.


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Happer - international transport, construction and agricultural machinery, used car parts and repairs, emergency road service

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